Dec 1st 2015

Dear everyone, clicking your way into this blog and my world.
So much has happened since last blog post. And the funny thing is, I never have a clue what’s going to happen. Everyday I go to work (yep, I now have an ”office”) and wonder what the day will bring. Who will I get an email from with information pushing me in a new direction, or who will I meet putting me in contact with some wonderful person who wants to help.
It’s amazing. I’m working with something that is truly alive.
So what has happened over the last week and a half?
The biggest thing happened last Saturday, 21st of November. Puka Wear was chosen as one out of 20 companies to compete for investment. It was the first time I had to pitch the idea openly and I was n e r v o u s. To say the least… I am terrified to talking in public or presenting something for someone. It’s one of my greatest fears… Which was why I had to do it.
During the event I could feel my body shaking and my body stiff from nervousness. I thought I looked like a fool trying to present and sell my idea to people. However, it couldn’t have been that bad because I was one of the winners! It was the first time someone outside my head confirming Puka Wear as a company. I learned a lot and had interested discussions about the textile industry and african clothing.


Since Monday two weeks ago I’ve had an office! It’s part of an incubator organization, Drivhuset, where other start-ups are offered office space and an overall entrepreneurial environment. What I love about it is mainly that I now have colleagues I can discuss with and a place I can go to during the days. And a big plus, new friends 🙂
Drivhuset also arranges various activities, lecturers and invite guest, creating direct links and networks between us, the entrepreneurs, and society.


CSR-day, lecture by Björn Söderberg, founder of Fair Enterprise Network in Nepal, who wanted to bring forward the message that sustainability is profitable and the only way forward!