Nov 5th 2015

One of the reasons for this blog is to share and engage other people in what I do. I believe that the only way for me to do what I want to do is together with other. This is not a one man show and I can never do this alone.
Now I am back in Sweden and during my two weeks in Maputo and Johannesburg I have met a lot of new people. A month ago I didn’t tell many people what I was doing when they asked, maybe I was embarrassed. Today I tell everyone who askes because I want people to know because maybe we can help each other.
People can be helpful in so many ways, some say “Oh you have to speak to this person” and someone else tells you about their knowledge in the textile industry or they just wish you good luck and promise to buy a pair of leggings 🙂 A friend I met on the plane back to Sweden, Michel Olofsson, who is doing an amazing job in Beira, Mozambique, building houses to people who hasn’t got one, and playgrounds for kids with his project Project Vita (check it out on Facebook), said “The road to change is long, but together we can make it shorter”. I truly believe that. So instead of being stubborn and wanting to do everything by yourself, hiding from everyone what you’re doing because maybe they will steal you idea, it’s just so much easier to get help from people who knows more than you. And there are so many out there with amazing knowledge who are willing to share that knowledge with you.
So after two weeks I not only come back with the bag full of beautiful fabrics and capulanas but also a lot of knowledge. Knowledge about doing business in Mozambique and South Africa, knowledge about textiles, knowledge about prints and so much more. And something which is also so beautiful, I came back with new friends! 🙂
Here are some photos from my trip and just some of the people that I’ve met.


Me and Wacy at Fundação Couto, Maputo, who is a textile designer.


Talking about textile, printing and patterns…


Sometimes I get to work in a place like this 🙂


Me and Jaqueline who has a clothing business in Maputo and a skillful dressmaker.


In Johannesburg me, Gareth and Nomsa went to Soweto to see her dear grand mother. The sweetest woman…