Apr 11th 2016

karingana wa karingana

I want to take a moment to introduce you to Wacy and Djamila, founders and creators of Karingana Wa Karingana.Last year in October I was in Mozambique looking for designers who wanted to collaborate with me in the creation of Puka Wear’s first collection. I met up with Wacy and loved the work that she and her co-designer Djamila did. Wacy and Djamila are two talented Mozambican designers who are based in Maputo and working with african textile art and african design.Trained all over the world they have today two brands working with african accessories and textiles, based in Maputo, Mozambique.For me as a founder of an african print clothing line it was important to work with skilled people within the area. I want to create a brand that will be known for its collaborations with artisans, designers and textile printers who know and own their cultural expression. African print is a cultural expression which should be respected and cared for.Wacy and Djamila describe themselves as textile designers, cultural entrepreneurs and activist, and Puka Wear is proud to collaborate with them.

karingana wa karingana