Oct 3rd 2016


We are so happy, excited and proud to present to you our latest collaboration with the cool girls Elin and Anna who are the dancers and DJs behind Rhythmfamily!Through the Caribbean vibes their mission is to spread knowledge of different cultures and creating a welcoming and inviting space for people of different backgrounds and ages to meet. With the rhythms from reggae, dancehall, calypso, reggaeton, soca and afrobeat they spread their love at events like Amnesty, Svalorna Latinamerika and Ingen människa är illegal.For us at Puka Wear, Rhythmfamily represents everything that we stand for. Dance, movement, yoga, rhythms and flow is for EVERYONE and together with them we also share our strong passion and mission to empower women.With this collaboration Puka Wear also enters a new phase, where we become a brand that is not only for yoga but for all type of movement! It’s in the movement, flow, breath and rhythms that we get connected to ourselves and let go of what no longer serves us.

The Papayas are travelling! Rhythmfamily with Papaya pants in Nicaragua!!!

REGGAEMATTAN DANCING AGAINST RACISMWatch their video and feel the full power energy coming from these girls!!! LOVE IT!