Apr 11th 2016


Growing up I have always heard that I have one foot in the snow and one in the sand. One in Sweden and the other one in Mozambique. The two countries are in many ways its opposites. One cold, the other one warm. One north, the other one south. One structured, the other one less so. One very developed, the other one struggling with poverty. I grew up in the meeting between these two beautiful worlds and cultures and both lies within me.
On the first picture it’s me and my mum. I think the photo is taken during the midsummer celebrations, a very Swedish thing and the setting couldn’t be more typical. The flowers, the red cottages, the fields, the blond cute girl and midsummer.
The other picture is taken in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, in 1993. It’s me and my dad at the beach in Maputo. It’s a Sunday and if I would guess we’ve just been out for lunch somewhere and then stopping by at the beach on our way home.
Just like in 1993 I continue to stand with one foot in the snow and the other one in the sand. This time I am manifesting it through PUKA, which is based in Sweden but has it’s business idea in the Mozambican (and African) culture. Last year I posted an article about African print and the history behind it. As mentioned the African prints in Mozambique are called capulana and are greatly used in the country. So, probably around the time when the photo was taken of me and my dad, I couldn’t say capulana for some reason and would swap the syllables and say pucalana. So instead of capu, I’d say puca. Therefore, to name is company PUKA was only natural.

PUKA is something that is created out of me and my identity. It’s my background, my history, my family, my parents and my cultures.
And now, all the love that I have received throughout the years is today taking the form of this new company, PUKA WEAR.