I stepped into the changing room and was about to put on my new rainbow-colored yoga pants when I felt a resistance. Should I take these or the black ones? Maybe they’re too colorful, to much “Hey, look at me”, to much trying-to-be-something. Everyone else is wearing just plain black yoga pants, maybe I shouldn’t stand out so much.
In that moment I realised that something was holding back my desire to do what I wanted to do. Why was the feeling of not fitting in and fear of not being accepted greater than the desire to express Myself?Which one did I want to wear? The rainbowed ones, of course. They were happier, lighter and just so much more fun!
I put on my rainbow leggings and walked into a room with people practicing with black or grey yoga pants. I didn’t fit in to the group, I stood out. But I felt empowered and felt an energy running through my body.
This is me. Not doing as everybody else. And I am having fun!
And so my life took a new turn. In the small stuff and the big, I started to do what
I wanted to do.
Be your Color and express your uniqueness!