Nov 20th 2015


Once in a while, we all have days when we wake up on the wrong side, energy levels are low and mood down. Everything is so much harder then yesterday and your confidence in yourself is weak and your start questioning yourself and what you’re doing. It’s easy in those moments to fall for the temptation of giving up, comparing yourself to others and feeling inferior.
For me, this is were my yoga practice helps me to gain strength not to give up. It’s not that you do yoga and then the result is lots of energy and inspiration. Sometimes you’re really tired after practice and just want to go to sleep, every day is different and so is every practice. Yoga for me has been a tool to understand the dynamics of life. It almost like everything that happens on the mat is a miniature of life itself.
Yesterday was one of those days. I wake up tired and not in the mood at all to practice. But I go anyway. I slowly start to notice a feeling of resignation towards the whole day… Blaaah, can’t I just go back home and watch a series all day?
But no, I stay true to my practice and continue. Having a daily yoga practice is not always fun but it teaches you a lot about life. Suddenly I saw that my yoga practice was just like my new journey with PUKA. It’s all about the process. It’s all about not giving up even on the hard days. It’s all about keep moving forward and making your best everyday.
I get on my mat.
I get up.
Suryanamaskar A.
I open my laptop.
Suryanamaskar B.
I make a list of things I need to do.
I cross of the first thing on the list.
Feels easier now.
Soon the practice and the day was over and maybe it wasn’t the best practice or a super productive day. But I stayed true to the process, I stayed true to my practice and I did not give up.
I close my laptop.
Now, rest.