in a collaboration between JEANETTE HÄGGLUND and PUKA WEAR
a photoshoot for the launch of the sports bra and jumpsuit
Karingana leggings
Jeanette Hägglund is a photographer with experience across a range of fields, from advertising and portraits to fashion and products. 

She has a particular talent for making her subjects feel at ease before the camera – and it’s fun to work with her. Whether Jeanette portrays people or objects, she creates a relation with her motif and in that way brings out the best. She sees new angles and possibilities. She inspires and creates, all in her own way.





in a collaboration between SARAH WAISWA & VELMA ROSSA and PUKA WEAR
we created together our first photoshoot in Kenya
Puka Wear
Puka Wear

Sarah Waiswa is a Ugandan born photographer now based in Nairobi, Kenya.
With a passion to explore and tell a story from todays Africa, she captures life around her in a poetic way.
For us at Puka Wear it was a dream from the start to collaborate with Sarah for many reasons. One of them was the raw and relaxed way she captured her motives, and also our strong desire to continue to support and collaborate with
women entrepreneurs.

Velma Rossa is today one of the most influential African women in the arts scene.
With her base in Nairobi she and her brother Papa Petit created the duo 2manysiblings, a creative team that today is one of the iconic faces of profiles changing the African narrative.



in a collaboration between KARINGANA WA KARINGANA and PUKA WEAR
we created new African print for the first collection

Puka Wear

In October 2015 the founder of Puka Wear Maya Santimano traveled to Mozambique, her second home, in the search of African print designers. There she found the team behind Karingana Wa Karingana textiles, Wacelia Zacarias and Djamila Sousa.
Maya wanted to find a collaboration where Puka Wear would create new African print patterns, instead of using existing designs. In this way we continue to elaborate and explore the phenomenon called “African print” or “wax print” design, and also give credit to the designers behind these strong patterns.

Karingana Wa Karingana is based in Maputo, Mozambique, and works passionately with rebranding and recreating African textiles and design and the narrative that it stands for.


Are you an African print designer and want to collaborate?
Contact us!



in a collaboration between MIRA SJÖGREN and PUKA WEAR
Mira interpreted our Papaya-symbol and put her soul and touch to it

Mira Sjögren is a visual artist and street artist based in Uppsala Sweden. Her images tell a story about life, and the relationship between animal, nature and human. In her art she questions views on identity, spirituality and community and creates beautiful and elaborate patterns.
For Puka Wear's successful campaign on Kickstarter we wanted to give our backers something special. Mira interpreted our Papaya, made it hers, and created hand made stickers to adorn our bags that would travel the world with our leggings. All Papaya stickers are unique and no one is the same. Forever grateful for your work <3 

Puka Wear
Puka Wear