Maya Santimano


I grew up moving between Sweden and Mozambique, the two countries where my parents have their roots. My father's family migrated a few generations back from Goa, India, to Mozambique and then moved from Mozambique to Portugal when independence came. It is sometimes a confusing mix of Sweden, Mozambique, India and Portugal but I somehow managed to still feel at home in all these countries and cultures.

Before starting up Puka Wear I just finished my degree in political science and my dream then was to move back to Mozambique and work within the field of development.  I spent a year in Lisbon and it was that was where I came to know my yoga teacher, Isa Guitana Wong and her amazing team.  Since the first breath together with a shala packed with students I came to forever love the Ashtanga yoga tradition. Apart from leading the work behind Puka Wear I get to pass on and teach Ashtanga yoga in a small shala in Uppsala where I live.


I have always been a wanderer, moving from one place to the next in search of new experiences. After living abroad for many years, I have come to realize I always carry my home with me. Yoga was and continues to be my way back to myself, to my body – a way of coming home and remaining there. Wherever in the world I may be.

I spent several years disconnected from this, from myself, in trying to attain what I thought was expected of me. Not at all living my truth. When I started listening to the fact that the way I want to live my life is totally valid, simply because it is what makes me happy - everything shifted. Likeminded people started coming into my life, I found home in more places than my body – in the connection with other people.

I believe that we are all unique and bring a certain color to this world. I am so happy to be able to hold space for people to explore more of themselves every day. It is the common thread in everything that I do; intuitively creating through yoga, movement, bodywork, guidance and community. Puka for me is Home. A place where I can truly be all that I am and inspire others do the same. I feel honored to be part of this team. 

Robert Thimberg


I come from a small town in Dalarna, Sweden, and learned to love music from a young age. For a few years I worked as a part time musician, playing with different artist and bands. Although music has been with me at all times I today work with architecture in Uppsala.

For more than two years I lived in Australia and fell in love with the Indian Ocean, its waves, and surfing. Today the ocean is far away from where I live but I'll always have the ocean on my arm where ever I go.