Maya Santimano


I grew up moving between Sweden and Mozambique, the two countries where my parents have their roots. My father's family migrated a few generations back from Goa, India, to Mozambique and then moved from Mozambique to Portugal when independence came. It is sometimes a confusing mix of Sweden, Mozambique, India and Portugal but I somehow managed to still feel at home in all these countries and cultures.

Before starting up Puka Wear I just finished my degree in political science and my dream then was to move back to Mozambique and work within the field of development.  I spent a year in Lisbon and it was that was where I came to know my yoga teacher, Isa Guitana Wong and her amazing team.  Since the first breath together with a shala packed with students I came to forever love the Ashtanga yoga tradition. Apart from leading the work behind Puka Wear I get to pass on and teach Ashtanga yoga in a small shala in Uppsala where I live.

Beatrice Attered


Growing up in a Swedish small town, I’ve always longed to see the world and make a difference. In 2010, this took shape as a women’s rights and sustainability project in the Gambia, taking a detour past customer services and sales in France, while later pushing me to study political science, corporate social responsibility, and marketing management back home in Sweden.

When I met Maya, she introduced me to Ashtanga yoga and made me realize how my approach on the mat mirrored my approach to life. Tending to take things a little to seriously and to overachieve, I now find that soothing calm and much needed inner focus in the shala. Maya also inspired me to push my boundaries and give it all to my passions like fashion, writing or gardening! Typically being one of those Scandinavian minimalistic dressed girls, my pair of Puka papaya leggings was one first step out of my comfort zone and they give me the courage to continue.

Robert Thimberg


I come from a small town in Dalarna, Sweden, and learned to love music from a young age. For a few years I worked as a part time musician, playing with different artist and bands. Although music has been with me at all times I today work with architecture in Uppsala.

For more than two years I lived in Australia and fell in love with the Indian Ocean, its waves, and surfing. Today the ocean is far away from where I live but I'll always have the ocean on my arm where ever I go. 


Me and Maya aren't just sisters but also best friends. Growing up in two different countries it has made us very close as a family and as sisters. The last four  years I have been studying medicine at the University of Lund. This semester I am taking one semester off to take some time to reflect about who I am  and who I want to become and also gathering life experiences for my future work as a doctor. But in the midst of all the studying I have kept coming back to a more creative side inside of me which I wish to explore more. Maya is not only an inspiration when it comes to being a powerful and creative woman but also she as brought me to my yoga mat, always guiding me to my next step in life.