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Rhythm family

Meet the dance and DJ duo Rhythm Family! Behind stands Elin Jakobsen Rydstedt and Anna Stake who through dance, music, movement, and good vibes are creating platforms for people to meet and dance all night long to dancehall, reggaeton and latin vibes!

Uppsala Loves Hip Hop is run by the coolest girls Catarina Zarazua and Mateja Kovacevic. Uppsala Loves Hip Hop are paving the way for new platforms for people to unite through dance, people of different ages, backgrounds and culture. These girls are making a difference through movement and we are so proud to be working together with them!

Isa Guitana Wong

Isa Guitana Wong has been studying and teaching Ashtanga for more than 15 years and was the first Portuguese to be Authorized by the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore, India. Isa was the one who introduced the practice to the founder Maya Santimano and it was in the shala in central Lisbon the dream of Puka Wear started, on the mat.

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Puka Wear Puka Wear
Puka Wear

Puka Wear in Collaboration with photographer Sarah Waiswa
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