For a world where you can BE YOUR COLOR

At Puka Wear, we believe in celebrating your inner strength, embracing culture, and making conscious choices. Our collection of organic leggings, jumpsuits, shorts and sports bras with expressive African print are MADE FOR MOVEMENT! Whether you're a yoga enthusiast, a dance lover, or a walk in the woods on a sunny day kind of person, Puka Wear got you covered.

Our roots

Mayas story

My name is Maya Santimano and today I stand firmly on the ground and feel the strength from within, expressing what is me. But it was not always easy. 

My life is not much different from yours. I followed the path that I thought was expected of me and I continued walking, never really asking why. 

Within me lie the cultures of Sweden, Mozambique, and India. In my heart I feel the deep, thick forests of Sweden, I dance to the rhythms of Mozambique, and I chant to the Indian prayers. 

With the profound power that lies within the practice of yoga, I started to become aware of my thoughts and of myself. On the yoga mat we take a closer look at ourselves, we see patterns and become conscious of how we behave. From the first day I stood on the yoga mat, everything was changed and I started walking a new path in life. My path, my truth.

The practice of yoga has become a practice of being me. It has turned my world upside down, and then up again into the sky. It has led me to my own path in life, which today has become Puka Wear.

I want to be there, supporting all of you to do the same. Life might be a rollercoaster of emotions, but you will always have that stable, calm feeling in your stomach knowing that it is all part of the plan.

When you wear our leggings you will feel empowered, and feel the energy rushing from deep down inside of you. You are amazing!

Amits story

For many years I was consumed by the way I thought I should live my life. Today, I try to live my life as nobody is watching me. Trying, not yet completely doing. It's a process.

Having my first child at the age of 21 (and now have three) I felt a great deal of pressure to be the best mother and that my age and where I was in life shouldn't result in my child lacking anything. This, combined with African descendent parents and their passed down burdens and work ethic, made me work hard, very hard. Never really looking up, looking in to see what I really wanted and what really was important to me. I eventually managed to get a "good job", a house, the car - everything I thought I needed to be successful. But successful doesn't equal a happy life aligned with your values. I learned this the hard way when my youngest, at the age of 5 was diagnosed with leukemia.

I'm happy to say she's doing well today. I'm also happy that this wake up call forced me to make changes. I quit my job and just did thing that sparked joy for a while. Getting to know myself on a deeper level.

When I saw that Puka Wear was looking for a Co-CEO, I felt that spark in my heart. It was ment to be. I manifested this! To me, Puka isn't just another job. It's a way to get even closer to myself. A place where I can get rid of a conditioned way of living. A place where I can get rid of all the black office wear. A place where I truly can BE MY COLOR.

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our identity

Supporting you to express your truest self

In everything we do, we are committed to shaping a society where you can wholeheartedly embrace your authentic self, express your creativity with untamed freedom. We celebrate the beauty of diversity, forming an eclectic community. Because, the essence of self-expression and self-realization is woven into the very fabric of Puka Wear's identity. You were born to paint your world with your unique colors and to pursue your dreams unapologetically. So, go ahead, BE YOUR COLOR and do your thing. Always. Your vibrant palette is what makes the world a more beautiful place.

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our mission

Choosing organic over plastic

As a part of the clothing industry, we think it is of utter importance to take an environmental and social responsibility, which is why we always strive to disregard plastic and produce our garments in as much organic materials as possible. When this is not possible we will always look for a production with as much recycled material as possible. With our collaborating partner and producer, we have worked on location in Portugal to create leggings that are stretchy, soft, and conscious in choices of material. Our clothes are proudly made in northern Portugal from GOTS certified organic cotton. GOTS certification doesn't only stand for organic textiles but requires high social and environmental standards.

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Our business

Transparent prices

At Puka Wear we want you to get your money’s worth. Our GOTS certified organic cotton is of premium quality and ensures fair production. We are transparent with our costs and production. On our website we found a way to be transparent with our costumers. For each product we show you the production cost as well as the markup. We don't charge more than we need. Fair clothes, fair prices - that's Puka Wear.

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