Employees: 21 people
Average salary: 800 EUR/month
Work day: 8 hours, starting 8 am
Last visit:
October 2021
Website: www.tmr.com.pt

Under the hot month of August of 2016 we went to Guimarães in Northen Portugal for the first time to meet Margarida, Mariana and Miguel. Margarida who is the CEO of TMR Fashion Clothing, a family run company, has worked within the industry for many decades. Starting off working for a textile company, she and two friends decided to take their knowledge and create something on their own, based on their high standards. Today she runs this company together with her daughter Mariana and nephew Miguel.

Every time we are there, they leave whatever they are doing to spend the day with us. We chat over lunch in their cozy kitchen with the family, dogs and cats, drink Bicas and they tell us all about the process, production and their vision. Margarida, Mariana and Miguel believed in our dream from the start. We are proud to be collaborating with this passionate team of industry leaders, who every day are taking bold steps towards a more sustainable textile industry. Obrigada!

Maya Santimano, Mariana Máximo, Margarida Máximo, Miguel Máximo

Your clothes was sewn, cut and crafted by these skilful women

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